Where it all began......


While growing up I was always surrounded by animals; dogs, cats, chickens and ducks, anything with feathers or fur!  My love for all animals developed very early in life.


My husband didn't grow up with cats so he was not a cat person at all. Shortly after our daughters were born I decided that they definitely couldn't grow up without cats. We visited our local pound and adopted a 6 month old tortie, Kit Kat........6 months later we were back for a friend for her. We adopted a very tiny, thin 5 week old red and white boy, Binka. Needless to say my husband's love for cats just grew and grew and our daughters had the 2 best friends in the world, Kit Kat and Binka.


We visited our first cat show and fell in love with a silver Maine Coon. I told my husband 'that's what I want!' I started to enquire with breeders that evening. There were waiting lists so I waited.   A year later we were blessed with our first Maine Coon, Domino.  Then, 5 weeks later our second Maine Coon, Sebastian. We were all so in love with the breed. I went out of my way to learn everything that I possibly could about these magnificent cats, I was besotted!


After the birth of our third daughter we 'needed' another Maine Coon! I started to enquire again. That was when I was blessed to find a very special lady, Petra Smith of The Legends Maine Coons. Petra had a red and white kitten on her website that was available....I wanted him! Unfortunately, I was too late and he had already been scooped up. So, it was back to waiting again. Petra and I became very good friends while I was waiting for my new baby, we just 'clicked' and that was the beginning of my dream coming true.....to breed the most beautiful natured, majestic looking cats that you could imagine. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor than Petra! She guided me, cried with me, laughed with me, answered my questions and above all, Petra believed in me. She introduced me to Carol Middleton of Highlanders Maine Coons and Elizabeth Wentworth of Wentworthz Maine Coons. Without Petra, Carol and Elizabeth my dream would never have materialized. Thank you ladies, I am forever grateful for your guidance, kindness and friendship. 


Where we are now.....


We are a small cattery in Ballito on the beautiful Natal North Coast. My husband and I have our own business which we run from home. We have 3 daughters, Micaela, Jade and Maddie, who are all very involved in raising the kittens.


Our kittens are our babies! We love each and every one of them. Every kitten is special in our home and each kitten is nurtured and cherished as we watch them develop into little individuals. All of our kittens are born in our bedroom under the gentle supervision of myself and our daughters. They are raised in our home with constant contact with our daughters, other cats and our Labrador, Jessie. It is our aim to produce big, strong, happy, healthy, well socialized Maine Coon kittens  of the highest standard and impeccable pedigrees.


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